Dubbo Farmers Market

Application Form

STEP ONE – Familiarise yourself with the code of practice and the market operating rules by downloading a copy of the Charter (see link below). The Charter contains information regarding fees and how we operate.

<Click here for Dubbo Farmers Market Charter>

STEP TWO – Complete the online application at the bottom of the page.  

(Existing stallholders, please note that this form can be used to vary your approved produce, or you can simply send an email to the Coordinator with all the necessary information.)

All applications will be assessed based on the details submitted and overall market demand. At this stage the market is experiencing strong demand so preference is made towards primary producers and oversupply of similiar products may result in you being placed on a waiting list.   Please note that insufficient information may result in your application not being reviewed by the Committee.  The Committee has ultimate discretion in all applications, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Dubbo Farmers Market stallholders are required to pay an annual levy, unless they choose to become members of Macquarie Valley Food & Wine Inc.  This levy is in addition to the site fee that is charged at each market you attend.  Annual levies are used to promote awareness of the Market.  

This annual levy does not entitle the stallholder to voting rights at the Macquarie Valley Food & Wine Inc Annual General Meeting.

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What type of product(s) = Option A (Primary Produce)
PRIMARY PRODUCE: Provide a detailed description of the produce. Be sure to tell us what makes it special and when it is in season. Please note it MUST be grown / produced by you.
What type of product(s) = Option B (Value-added products)
VALUE-ADDED Products: If you are applying to sell a value-added product, tell us whether you grow/produce any of the ingredients. Please list all ingredients and where you source them.
Do you need power at your stall?
Site Size
Do you give consent for your details to be listed on our website of Facebook?
Check list before submitting application (you may upload your files after submission of this page)
- That all stallholders who are not members of Macquarie Valley Food & Wine Inc are required to pay their annual levy on their first market.

- The application process may take several weeks but processing time will be decreased if you complete the forms and return with all required information.

- Macquarie Valley Food & Wine reserves the right to decline this application and/or not accept any products for sale at the market.

- For more information reread the Charter and/or contact the Market Coordinator (enquiries@dubbofarmersmarket.org.au or phone 0488 685 006).

By submitting this application, you are agreeing that you have read the Charter and agree to abide by its rules and principles.